The Gem of Souls

As the group entered the room with the fancy metal room with seating, footfalls came fast down another corridor leading to the room we were all in. It was Erevis! Just as the doors were closing shut, Erevis flung the Amulet of Recall into the room and the priest of Fharlanghn, Kel, caught it. Along with the amulet was a note from Tenser:

“Without this amulet, you’d be unable to get back. Rary approaches and I take Echo, Simone, Erevis, and Durg back to the Fortress of Unknown Depths. Good luck my friends!”

With most of us finding a comfortable seat, except for the Celenese Druid who was slammed to the floor, we were overcome by a dizzy feeling and when the spots before our eyes cleared – a hole appeared in the ceiling where there wasn’t one before.

With D’Arcon help, we climbed up the shoot into a misty, airy room of unknown size where we Kel was promptly attacked by a hieracosphinx! The Celenese Druid reacted fast calling upon the mists and electrocuted the magical beast to a crisp with Bloodraven dealing a deathblow to the creatures brow. Scattered all over the floor were many coins from past victims and a few things were found that might be of more import.

Once we were done in this large cavernous and airy room, we ascended the spiral stairs far to the west. This was interrupted by an attack from 3 roosting lizardlike birds (pterosaurs). One was killed by The Druid while we made it quickly up to the top of the stairs, avoiding the other two flying beasts.

One this level, a thick forest covered everything from top to bottom, with only small paths winding it’s way to the other side. Here we were attacked by su-monsters. The druid’s carnivorous ape companion came to Kel’s rescue and make quick work of the beast. This also allowed us to pass through the jungle level without any more attacks from the su-monsters.

We came upon a clearing where a woman was singing and tending roses. Everyone smelled a trap and when the woman revealed she was a medusa, the druid acted to entangle her in her own deadly roses. Here the druid took a sample of the roses for some special arrows he would be constructing while the medusa slept (the rose thorns induced sleep) with a sack on her head that D’Arcon placed over her. The group bickered over whether to slay the medusa or to continue and when things became too heated, Leuwiss stepped in to remind everyone of the goal – The Gem of Souls.

The next level, was a sea of fire, with narrow stone paths and a fire giant at the other end ready to hurl boulders down upon our heads. D’Arcon made Leuwiss invisible so he could get in range of the fire giant to fling a spell at him. Unfortunately, a reverse gravity trap in the floor flung Leuwiss straight up into a hole in the ceiling! Quickly the group reacted as a boulder landed into the fiery sea sending and incendiary splash up and against the wall of the tower. The druid notched one of his new arrows and quickly put the giant to sleep. D’arcon rummaged through a sarcophagus filled with copper coin and found a fancy jeweled crown and a ring. With nothing more on this floor of interest, the group followed Leuwiss into the reverse gravity field.

On this level, the gravity was completely reversed and we all splashed down into what seemed to be a tropical sea. This whole level was covered by 15’ of sea, a sand island and coral reefs and inhabited by a large fish and a strange humanoid manta ray. This danger was mostly averted by Leuwiss casting a cone of cold spell, which created an ice bridge for the rest of the party to walk across to a clearing in the coral which had a strange door with a turnable wheel handle. The group hurried down into this passage and came out into a great domed room.

In the center of this room floated a large melon shaped blue-white gem that occasionally bathed the room in a blinding white light. Quickly the group spread out around the gem to approach it when disaster struck, or more accurately, a blast of white light. Leuwiss was the first to fall, bathed in a painful white blast and crumpled to the floor with a scream. A mixed bag of luck, Leuwiss was now completely without spells and he and his fox were now permanently bleached white. From the floor, Leuwiss called for the party to attack an invisible forcefield around the gem… and quickly!

Next, Bloodraven was hit and fell, but wasn’t as lucky. His soul was ripped out of his body and drawn into the swirling cavity within the Gem of Souls! The companions worked quickly and beat down the barrier and took the gem in hand. The druid asked that everyone grasp hands, grabbing the monk’s hand as well, and the priest activated the amulet and everyone went swirling through space and time back to the Fortress of the Unknown Depths.

Back in the safety of Tenser’s Fortress, we handed over the Gem of Souls and he restored Bloodraven back into his now fully bleached white corpse. Now alive and in his body, but visibly shaken, Bloodraven was eager to get some rest. Simone, Erevis, Echo, and Durg came into the common area to greet us while the druid and priest informed Tenser of the matter of a strange prophesy we stumbled upon earlier.

While Tenser could only give us scant information on what he could see, he directed us to a Priestess of Celestian at the Grey Observatory who could help us, named Carol. There we plan on dividing up the treasure and finding out more of what Simone and Erevis are planning. That night we ate at a feast provided by Tenser the Archmage and staying under his roof.



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