Race: Tiefling (Oeridian)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Classes: 7TH level Illusionist/Rogue (class and a half)

Strength 10
Dexterity 16 (Prime)
Constitution 10
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16 (Prime)
Comeliness 18

Armor Class 16
Hit Points 37
Base Movement: 30’

Short sword plus one ( +5 back stab) to hit and damage 1d6/1d8
Dagger plus 2 ( +6 back stab)(magical) 1d4

Racial Traits
+1 Intelligence/ +1 Dexterity / -1 Charisma
Darkness 1/day

Class Abilities
SHARP SENSES (Wisdom): An illusionist’s innate ability to distinguish the
real from the unreal imparts a +3 bonus to all illusion saving throws.

DISGUISE (Charisma): Using magic and props, the illusionist can disguise
himself and impersonate others. The effort requires 1d3x10 minutes of
work. A disguise can include an apparent change of height or weight
of no more than one-tenth the original. The Castle Keeper makes the
character’s check secretly, so that the player is not sure if the disguise
is successful. Illusionists can use spells, like change self, to augment
their disguise and give them a greater chance of success. The following
modifiers are applied to a disguise check when appropriate: sex difference
-2; race difference -2; age difference -2 per 10 years.
Success indicates a disguise good enough to fool normal observers. The
Castle Keeper may allow a suspicious observer an intelligence check to
see through the disguise. If the observer is familiar with the person being
impersonated, they gain a bonus of +4 to the intelligence check. If the
person being impersonated is a close associate or friend of the observer,
the check is made at +8. Additionally, disguises must be occasionally
changed to remove suspicion.

Languages Known :
Common, Abyssal,Elven,Dwarven,Flan, Celestial, Undercommon, Suel, Gnome.

Per Day: 0(5) 1(4) 2(3) 3(2) 4(1)

Detect Illusion,Distort Shadows,Message,Prestidigitation,Influence, Ghost Sounds
1st level
Shade’s Sight ,Obscure Shadow, Reshape Shadow,Move Shadow,Read Magic,See Invisibility
2nd level
Invisibility, Shadow Images,Cure Lt Wounds
3rd level
Illusory Script, Invisibility Sphere
4th level
Major Dark Chaos

Rogue Abilities
Back attack, cant, climb, decipher script, hide, listen,
move silently, open lock, pick pockets, traps, sneak attack

Magic Items

Wand of Illusion (37 charges)
Cloak of the Bat:
Fashioned of dark brown or black cloth, this cloak bestows
a +5 bonus on all hide checks. The wearer is also able to hang upside down from the ceiling, like a bat, if desired. By holding the edges of the garment,the wearer is able to fly as per the spell. If desired, the wearer can actually polymorph into an ordinary bat and fly accordingly. (All possessions worn or carried are part of the transformation.) Flying, either with the cloak or in bat form, can be accomplished only in darkness (either under the night sky or in a lightless or near-lightless environment underground). Either of the flying powers is usable for up to 7 hours at a time, but after a flight of any duration the cloak cannot bestow any flying power for a like period of time.
Bracers of Armor +4
Up until his death, D’arcon looked like a handsome man of Oeridian stock with only his demonic shadow betraying his tiefling nature. But when Tensor brought D’arcon back through cloning it was discovered that his true self was more demonic. The Hag Dark Agnes was found out to have been the creator of the seed that impregnated his mother. The Hag used dark magic to make D’arcon look more human for reasons known only to herself. Recently Jaran (The Mage of the Valley) gave D’arcon a magical ring that turns him back into his mortal seeming (though his twisted shadow still remains). To make up for the cloning mishap, Tenser gifted D’Arcon a cloak of the bat.



It was the most brutal month of winter in Ogberg when Cassandra stood outside the gate of her father‘s castle, The Lord Marshall , begging for shelter. Cassandra had been thrown out months ago for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. She claimed that a dark shadow visited her in the night and took her virginity against her will. No one believed her. Lord Marshall would have none of it. As he looked down from the castle’s tower at his very pregnant daughter he told her “Let’s see if the whore has the same stamina out here in the cold that she had in the bedroom.”

On the 4th day, he relented and allowed her in. But by then frostbite and other complications had set in. Cassandra died in childbirth. At the delivery the midwife could have sworn she saw the baby’s shadow was not human but something…else. It lasted but for a second and then was gone.

The Lord Marshall wanted nothing to do with the bastard child but felt that releasing it into the world would do more harm. It was best to keep him at the castle where he could keep an eye on him. He gave the responsibility of raising the child to his chronicler Ashur. Unknown to the Lord Marshall, Ashur was secretly a wizard who ply his wears in secret away from the eyes of the followers of Pholtus.

In the following years Ashur raised the child whose job was to clean the Lord Marshall’s stables. Even at a very early age, Ashur saw a great, powerful darkness that seemed to hang over the child. When D’Arcon was sixteen, Ashur told him the Youngman about his being the Lord Marshall’s grandson and what happen to his mother. D’Arcon became furious and vowed vengeance. The next night at dinner, D’Arcon poisoned the food of the Lord Marshall. Unfortunately while D’Arcon was successful, he was found out and had to flee into the night.

Since that time a lot has happen. D’arcon joined up with a wizard that owns a confectioner shop of all things. In their adventures so far, they have meet the Mage of the Valley and in the process D’arcon died. He was cloned and brought back by Tenser of the Circle of Eight. It seems that there was more to his background too. While he was born of a human woman, his “father” was none other then the Green Hag Black Agnus, who created seed that would become D’arcon.