Erevis the Serpent

Sly and venomous rapscallion of Greyhawk


Erevis has earned his epithet and infamy by stalking his marks in the streets of The Free City of Greyhawk, like a snake in the grass. By dint of cunning wit and nimble blades he has made sure none of his prey walk safe from the sting of the serpent.

Race Oeridian
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Class 5th level Assassin

Strength 10
Dexterity 17 (Prime)
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16 (Prime)
Wisdom 16 (Prime)
Charisma 10

Armor Class 20
Hit Points 20
Base Movement 30

Case target, climb, death attack, disguise, hide, listen, move silently, poisons, sneak attack, traps.

Curved Dagger +2, Short Sword +2 carried visibly on sword belt.
Multitude of short blades kept in various hidden sheaths.
Disassembled light crossbow and bolts in a lute case.
Garrote disguised in waist belt.

Erevis is of above average height with a lean and muscular build that hints of his snakelike agility and lightning reflexes. He has the scarred features and ever vigilant poise of a veteran swordsman, and the many lives weighing on his conscience have left a frigid grayness in his emerald stare. His pitch black hair is kept kept short, as not to obscure his vision, and his beard trimmed down to a stubble crossed with scars.

Erevis wears blackened Leather Armor +2 that has been tailored to suit both his physique and his deadly profession. Hidden among the various clasps and protective layers are sheaths containing a multitude of blades. The only visible weapons he carries are the matching main gauche and slender short sword at his snake-adorned belt. A dark green hooded cloak of finely woven fabric covers his shoulders and conceals a few more deadly tools of his trade.


Orphaned at a young age, Erevis spent his childhood struggling for survival in the dark alleys of the City of Greyhawk. Through his feral instincts and bodily prowess he survived the baptism by fire and caught the eye of an aged assassin who took him under his wings. His newfound mentor, a scarred and crippled outcast from the Greyhawk City Assassin’s Guild, took it upon himself to educate Erevis in the deadly arts. Alongside the skills and techniques he also taught the young rogue to always take revenge for perceived wrongs, and that all a man desires is his for the taking, by any means necessary. Thus justifying his bloody trade.

Adopting the cripple’s fundamental maxims, the young assassin took to worshipping Kurell, the god of Jealousy, Revenge and Thievery. And with this rationalized conscience and a new set of skills, Erevis began carving out his name in the the Gem of The Flanaess. As his notoriety grew the young cutthroat made sure to always pay his dues to the Assassin’s Guild, and soon became an initiate member in the company of hired killers. But before he got the chance to advance within the guild a series of unfortunate events forced him to flee the city.

Biding his time, Erevis is determined to return to the Free City of Greyhawk to settle his scores. Once there he shall enact vengeance upon his recent, double crossing taskmasters, and thereafter rise to takes his place in the higher echelons of the Assassin’s Guild.

Erevis the Serpent

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