Morgrave Spee

Dentist and general dour person


Morgrave Spee was to be a business partner with the Spelloyals back when old man Spelloyal was young. When Mr. Spelloyal refused to get into medicinal lozenges, their friendship ended. Last he was heard from, he’d moved to Dyvers with his family. The sudden appearance of the “grouch in black” has raised more questions than answered and the family might not have noticed he set up a dental practice nearby if he wasn’t seen spying on various Spelloyal family members and approaching associates and asking too many questions.


Irritated with appearance of Mr. Spee, Leuwiss’ father has asked everyone in the group to keep an eye on this man. Simone and Leuwiss both have seen him darting about town recently, carrying tools, documents and other things to and from his practice. Every time the Spelloyal’s have asked to see Mr. Spee, they are rebuffed or sent away by his young clerical assistant, Naas, a half-elf working his way through Grey College.

Morgrave Spee

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