Half-elf, tom-boy, thief


Often mistaken for a young man, Simone, the is a half-elven thief. Hidden away on her person is a sling and several throwing knives and minimal equipment. Nothing about her particularly stands out and she uses her androgyny to her advantage. If anything can be said about Simone, it is that she is an inveterate professional and won’t accept anything less. From anyone.

Race: Half-Elven
Alignment: Neutral
Classes: 5th level Thief

Strength 11
Dexterity 16
Constitution 11
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

Armor Class 6
Hit Points 30
Base Movement: 12”

Weapons :
Sling (bullets: 12) – 1d4(2)/1d6(2)
Throwing Knives (x3) – 1d3(1)/1d2(1)

Languages Known :
Common, Thieves Cant, Orc, Elvish

Saving Throws (base/adj)
Paralyses/ Poison 13/10
Petrify/ Polymorph 12/9
Rod, Staff or Wand 14/11
Breath Weapon 16/13
Spell 15/12**

Magic Items
Ring of Fire Resistance **(+4 vs fire attacks)

thieves tools, small belt pouch, leather armor, 3 throwing knives, sling (12 bullets)

Pick Pocket: 60
Open Locks: 42
Find/Remove Traps: 35
Move Silently: 43
Hide in Shadows: 35
Detect Noise: 15
Climb Walls: 98
Read Languages: 0

Disguise: 1 ( -1 CHA score)
Blacksmithing: 1 (0 STR)
Tumbling: 1 (0 DEX)

Can’t swim
Steals for thrills


As and orphan and never knowing her parents, Simone grew up on in an orphanage in Veluna. Sneaking out and getting back into the orphanage became a game to her and soon she escalated into stealing. Stealing which didn’t go unnoticed by people who were better at it.

Those better at it showed her the ropes and she was a fast learner but grew weary of the obvious jobs. Thrilling as they were, Simone thought… bigger.

Through her connections and a well-thought out disguise, she heard of a merchant carrying lots of gold on the move, far from the front lines of the Great War. Long story short, Simone quickly left to a richer woman and set up in the City of Greyhawk.

She currently lives in a modest apartment above The Fat of the Hog tavern.


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