Nyrond and Beyond!

“Just one last thing before space.”

Echo insisted we do the honorable thing and help the Nyrondese ambassador with an curious task and the group agreed. It seems the Nyrondese were tipped off from a mysterious mage that magical defenses would soon fail leaving a piece of a magically dangerous and powerful staff unguarded and free for the taking. With the mage being “too busy”, the ambassador came to us. Sadly, we were perhaps the only ones to answer the call.

Nyrond is a good nation, but there were suspicions as to who the mage of power was had the group on pins and needles. Thankfully, we didn’t have to travel far to seek this item though we did have to travel into the sewers of Greyhawk to retrieve it.

A sewer worker showed us to a wall in the foul tunnel far below the Garden Quarter, marked with the laughing face of Zagyg in stone before us. The group let out an audible sigh. No sooner had the worker shown us the brick work, he turned tail and left the dank darkness. Rainiar quickly moved the stones with his earth magic, where we came upon two ghastly hags waiting outside a shimmering wall of force, waiting for it to fail. With surprise on our side, we took them down.

The wall of force flickered, failed and came to full power before our eyes, only to repeatedly flicker as the last of the magics died. A longer pause and we moved through to the other side, just as the force field came bounding back once more. Not completely free, we were joined by wave after wave of vampires looking for the staff as well. There was no question to my mind, with our recent journey to the depths of Zagyg’s castle ruins, that the dark shape trying to appear in the room with us was none other than Fraz-Urb’luu, the demon prince of deception! Luckily for us, some unknown force was preventing him from gating in.

The vampires bit nothing but dust and if it hadn’t been so frightening, the running around of Pholtharian collecting these “new spell components” would have been comical. Another wave of vampires were slain and the sudden appearance of Mordenkainen finally put all the pieces together for some of us. The Nyrondese, much in need of gold, were simply a cover or fence for this chunk of Fraz-Urb’luu’s Staff, with a large chest of gold exchanged in exchange for this potent item. We, of course, were given a small percentage for our “trouble”. The rumors of Mordenkainen pulling strings was never more evident.

Before we could ask any questions of Mordenkainen of the Spelljammer, he snapped his fingers and was gone with the staff fragment. Our group volunteered to deliver the riches for the ambassador to a liaison with the Nyrondese royal family in Rel Mord via the turtle ship.

Rainiar had requested information regarding a destitute farm (Nyrond’s choice) outside of Rel Mord and put in some work that next day to cause crops to burst forth from the frosty ground as if it were spring, much to the amusement and delight of onlookers. It was quite a show and a festival atmosphere erupted centered on the farm’s barn. With promises given to Rainiar that the family to work the ground, the treasure handed off to the liaison, and boxes and bags of candy handed out to onlookers – we waved good-bye and headed to the stars.



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