Surprise Direction

Back in Greyhawk, our group of adventurers see an ominous and shadowlike being enter the candy store. Quickly everyone files into the shop in pursuit. This being drops a strange note with a symbol on the front desk that Leuwiss recognizes as the symbol for the Mage of the Valley.

Left behind is an official invitation from the Black One himself to come to the Vale and renew the severely lapsed, one-time yearly idani fruit contract. Quickly, a spirited conversation between all the companions rang out discussing all things that they new about the Vale, the mystery Mage himself and how would we plan to get there?

That’s when Carter called the family together to reveal the big surprise on the not-so “secret” 4th floor. In the steam-powered lift, it was explained that three generations ago Leuwiss’ grandfather was a spice merchant. He travelled in a boat. A turtle shaped boat that has been hidden in the attic since then. With some new paint and alterations, the surprise was readied. The ship, Tortuga, is at the top of the Spelloyal’s Candy shop.

With invitation in hand, the adventurers are about to set out.



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