Adventurers at the Gate

We discovered the gallery of paintings, just as the goddess, Merikka, spoke of in The Everlore Pit. Each painting showed various places the Company of Seven adventured in, each more dangerous and perilous than the next. White Plume Mountain, the tomb of some lich, and more fantastic places I could not fathom. Two paintings, in the two galleries, were exactly identical showing the Castle Greyhawk in it’s prime. Here we knew we were facing some sort of secret door that would gain us access to the final chambers before the God Machine.

These two paintings, locked as they were with an arcane locks, gave way to a control room with two ornate tables with glyphs in draconic, abyssal, celestial, and another language I am forgetting at the moment. Lucky for us, we were able to figure out how to operate this by tracing our finger over the desired symbol to transport us to Zagyg’s deepest chambers.

The elven druid, Rainiar Silverleaf, has proven to be a mighty and clever companion. His use of tunneling and transmuting stone to mud spells in the most genius ways enabled us to gain the upper hand. With his judicious use of these spells and a well placed greater invisibility spell on Leuwiss’ part, these enabled the druid to create passageways around demonic foes and get the drop on a foul demon and something much, much worse…

It seems that in the space of time we embarked on our “little adventure” to the castle ruins, the Lilitu demon managed to infiltrate the temple of Boccob in the City of Greyhawk, kill and impersonate the high priestess, capture and dispose of several people who must have gotten too close to discovering something was amiss, somehow swapped out the body of Riggby for a double, returned here with people she captured, tortured them, killed them, did foul magics upon Riggby’s body to turn him into a monstrous undead creature, and defiled Zagyg’s temple to Boccob — all within a week and a half!

Thankfully, the druid was able to work some spiritual energy that hallowed the ground once more. Leuwiss was able to convince everyone easily that we must return the bodies of the faithful to Greyhawk as soon as possible. Boccob is also Leuwiss’ deity.

All was not foul and misfortunate! Through the druid’s tunneling, we discovered a larder, now many centuries empty, contained a secret panel. Within were the cloak, holy sword and prayer beads do the fairy queen we rescued earlier!

We pushed further on finding a bedroom and laboratory now being used by the false Iggwilv. Many compartments containing vast amounts of spell components, many rare and valued, were neatly tidied and placed within bed linens and sewn shut by Tirion, the elven ranger. These were placed near the door for an expeditious escape should things go incredibly awry.

One of the cubby closets containing spell components contained a false bottom which contained a passageway to the gate to the dreaded God Machine. The gate, guarded by two 15 foot tall diamond golems were difficult to fight directly. The cleric, Kel, was blinded by a beam of light and the ranger was slashed by the sharp hand of the golem. Quick use of a stone to mud spell created a pit below one golem. Tandem shots of heat and cold spells from Leuwiss and Rainiar caused the other golem to explode and rain down a shower of diamond shards! This was effective but had the unwanted side effect of causing many cuts.

Now that everyone is eating, resting or studying before the gate of swirling blue mists that will surely take us to the God Machine.

Perhaps someone will make a speech before we wade into the greatest battle of our lives?



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