The Winter Ball Approaches

Upon our return to Greyhawk, we discovered a stow-away aboard our ship. The goblin, Puss-mouth, had taken up residence in the warmth of it’s walls, ate a cake left for us by the faerie queen and subsequently all our rations. After catching the rascal, Leuwiss told everyone about how puss-mouth tried to eat his mother and we toyed with what to do with him after Kel cured him of a goblin disease that caused his gums to leak with an infection brought on by eating refuse.

In Greyhawk, Rainiar purchased an animal skin to take to Tenser’s for analysis.

With the urging of Kel, Tirion and Rainiar came up with the brilliant idea of putting the cursed, alignment switching headband of intelligence upon the goblin’s melon-shaped head. Now a creature of good, we dubbed him Robin and set him to various tasks about the ship, like cleaning up after our animal companions, sweeping up messes and retrieving things aboard the turtleship.

As we headed for Magepoint, Leuwiss spied many columns of thick black smoke spiraling into the air far to the north. Tenser would later tell us that open warfare has broken out between the good nation of Furyondy and the evil armies of Iuz because of his two week absence trapped in the God Machine.

A quick visit to Magepoint, a visit with Leuwiss’ parents and an audience with Tenser gave us a little more insight into what Tenser was up to with golem construction and the mysterious request to have us teleport Sir Robilar to Tenser’s fortress. It seems Sir Robilar has been alignment switched with a duplicate from another Oerth and Tenser is desperately looking for a way to switch him back, dealing a severe blow to Rary the Traitor in the Bright Dessert, as Sir Robilar is his right hand man. Tenser performed a magical “upgrade” to Echo’s head, transferring the magic of the helm of telepathy to Echo’s old head.

Tenser, right now, is a very happy wizard. With everything neatly tied up, Tenser urged us to return to the city and visit with Priestess Carol Sagaan.

The flight back to Greyhawk was calm and uneventful. We sold Iggwilv’s spell books for a set of peculiar anti-polymorphing rings and a tidy sum of 28,000 gold. The rings will be explained later. Our treasure, much of it in spell components, lab equipment, and magic items worn by the false Iggwilv, were either stowed below in the cargo hold or the secure vault.

Upon arrival, we were rushed into the city for a full audience late at night with the Directing Oligarchy for a private retelling of our harrowing adventure. Much whispering and nodding came from the oligarchy and at one point Nerof Gasgol had to bang his gavel to bring the session to order. It was decided that all members of the party should be made citizens of Greyhawk, with full rights from voting to property owning abilities, and that each of us could elect for land and the title of noble! While Leuwiss has the right of citizenship being born in Greyhawk, the title of noble with land rights is certainly something the group should consider! Other members were not nearly as excited as Leuwiss, with Rainiar not wanting this in the least.

Leuwiss planned on meeting with a committee and some dwarven stonemasons to begin construction on a tower where his parent’s shop once sat, complete with a new storefront. Leuwiss also has the matter of this priceless, magical, golden octych to research.

While everyone went about town, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a Needfest well underway, something hadn’t been sitting right with Rainiar for weeks. He suggested we pick up our Winter Ball attire, visit with the priests of Celestian at the Grey Observatory, and meet back at the hut that serves as a meeting spot for our group.

After visiting the tailor, we ventured outside the city walls to the Grey Observatory and a meeting with Carol Sagaan, the high priestess of Celestian, to witness the coming of the Spelljammer into our crystal sphere. Proud of the new lens in the viewing tower, Carol narrated what we witnessed – from the constellation of The Sisters being a gate into our universe, what dangers of “the phlogiston” were, and the peculiar obelisks now being ejected into our universe via the gigantic gemstones that made up The Sisters constellation. We left Carol to ready herself for a trip into the wilds of Greyspace to investigate the coming of the Spelljammer and the strange obelisks.

Rainiar excused himself from our group to do some checking up on this Winter family responsible for the 3rd annual Winter Ball and their business in the fur trade. Having met with the patriarch, Ralliman Winter, in private, Rainiar learned many things including his unknowing involvement with some sort of scheme where people were being permanently polymorphed into various hard to find creatures, skinned and used for his business. Rainiar provided proof via the skin of a partially de-magicked elf skin from our time earlier with Tenser. Rainiar vowed to get to the bottom of the situation and pledged discretion.

It is now the day before the Winter Ball.



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