Vanquished by The Companions!

Before entering the archway, we decided to take the bodies of the faithful of Boccob and the multitudes of equipment and pricey spell components back to the ship and back to snowy Greyhawk to tie up some loose ends before returning to defeat the foul witch’s plans. This was done via the teleportation device designed by Zagyg, which would later come in handy for our hasty retreat.

Entering the blue mist gates guarded by the diamond golems teleported us even deeper within the crust of the Oerth to the impenetrable layer of mad Zagyg’s God Trap Machine. A round room, crackling with eldritch power yet unseen by The Companions sparked, roiled, and danced along the walls. Huge gemstones seemed to be evenly placed around the circumference of the room, with 3 of them holding dark shapes. One of the gemstones seemed to be getting most of the focus, with 5 identical witches all taunting us from powerful tentacles of power arcing from the edge of the pedestal disk we now stood on. To our backs stood a mighty statue of Boccob, the god of magic, with outstretched arms seemingly in favor of the scene before him. The stone disk we stood on was edged in a crystalline material and was leveled or perched upon a great pyramid that extended 50’ below us.

“You’re too late heroes!” cackled several of the false Iggwilvs, “Soon I will have absorbed all the power I need!”

With that, our group swung into action. Spells were flung back and forth in a dizzying array, with some prepared before we entered the blue must archway to boost our abilities, with some spells used to probe the defenses of each group now at odds with the other.

Kel (the priest) and the orc, Brelsh, waded into combat first. We soon determined that the “extra witches” were in fact loyal demons pretending to look like Iggwilv in order to confuse us. Kel received a deep slash across his chest and Brelsh was torn asunder ending his short, strange life as a “good orc”. Echo vanished, due to the use of a maze spell, and reappeared toward the end of combat having defeated this powerful trickery. Tirion shot a barrage of arrows into one of the foul creatures ending it’s life here and sending it to the lower planes. Leuwiss attempted to bannish another, like he did earlier, with no success, then resorted to counterspells to protect his trusted friends dispelling attacks while Kel fought off the seductive voices of the foul demons. Rainiar attempted several spells with varying success, probing the witch’s weak spots and strengths while the animal companions moved in to make quick work of another demon and smoking out the true object of our ire, the emboldened and powerful faux-Iggwilv. Tactically moving as one force, it was quickly decided that “Iggwilv” was using the spell stoneskin to absorb damage.

Spells and curses volleyed back and forth as demons fell to the powerful teeth of a wolf, ape, and arrow. Gates were closed by silently dispelling them. Powerful clouds of insects flew at our enemies. Missiles, stinging spells, and demons fought back at us when we worried all was lost, Echo appeared wielding Ashendra’s Holy Avenger! The tides turned against our foe as only the false Iggwilv remained!

Wiggling free of the great ape’s grasp, Iggwilv was struck by pheromone arrows as she turned invisible, disappearing from sight but not by scent. Raniar conjured forth a great winged reptilian bird that circled the air above, striking the weakened witch and dealing the death blow to cause the simulacrum to burst into millions of shards of ice!

Suddenly, arcs of immense power shot from where the witch once levitated, back into the gemstones that held three captives, shattering them and causing the ground around us to violently shake. Quick thinking from Echo, and the sharp eyes of Tenser, spotted a weary figure struggling to gain his footing in the mouth of one of the gemstone chambers. Echo reached into his chest cavity, producing a scroll that was not there moments before, and tossed it to Leuwiss. Leuwiss quickly read the incantation causing the weary figure to vanish from view.

Another peaceful looking figure rose from his cell, looked upon us and simply nodded in our general direction filling us with a feeling of thanks. We had freed the lost god, Zuoken, from his many years of captivity! Filling us with a divine peace, he soon departed for whatever pressing matters a god might need tending to.

Lastly, a shriveled little imp of an old man spat in our general direction. Without hesitation, Tirion loaded arrows into his bow while the manikin yelled, “Watch your backs, heroes!” and disappeared. We had now surely earned the lifelong enmity of Iuz the Old!

The ground shook more violently, accompanied with horrible noises and The Companions scrambled to the teleportation device. Appearing once again on the snowy hillside that the ruins of mighty Towers of the Zagyg stood, we ran down the embankment to our snow covered turtleship only to witness the towers beginning to fade from our realm. Gleefully, Raniar pointed out he knew this would happen as the towers blinked out of view as if they had never been there at all.



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